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Play to Earn

Trustxgaming is Web 3.0 game built on binance blockchain, allowing players to have true ownership of in-game assets. Unlike traditional games where items and characters are owned by the game developer, Trustxgaming use non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to represent unique assets that players can buy, sell, and trade. Trustxgaming platform is designed to provide a seamless and immersive gaming environment, where players can compete against each other, showcase their skills, and win rewards in the form of our native crypto token, TXG.

About the Platform

Play and Win

Play your Game and Win Tokens

Multiple Games, One Home. Stack up all your TXG Tokens from across blockchains.

Sync and Track

Multiple Games, One Home

We make it easy to Discover, Invest and manage all your TXG Tokens at one place, looked up one of the more obscure.Find the right Games collections to buy & Earn within the platform.

Collections Indexed every 5mins.

Difference in Floor & Estimated Value

TxG Tokenomics


Total Supply

100,000 +


40, 000

Wallet Connected

90.9% of the token are locked and will start releasing gradually at the rate of 2% per week for 50 weeks

Top Awesome Games

Experience unparalleled excitement with the finest games in the world of WEB 3.0


IN WEB 3.0

Txg in game items will be tradable and tracked this allow us to offer traditional financing instruments In a defi enviourment while speculating on Game fi assets.

Blockchain Integration

Trusxgaming incorporate blockchain technology for asset ownership, in-game economies, and game development funding.

Decentralized Gaming Worlds

Trusxgaming utilize decentralized networks and protocols to create more resilient and censorship-resistant virtual worlds.

Player Driven Economies

Trusxgaming facilitate player driven economies where players have a direct influence on in-game markets, pricing, and scarcity of items.

Play to

Trustxgaming give rewards by participating in the game. This incentivize both new and experienced players.

Trustx Gaming's Roadmap

Phase 01

IDO and
Token Distribution

  • Conduct the Initial DEX Offering (IDO) to raise funds and distribute TXG tokens.
  • Secure listings on prominent decentralized exchanges.
  • Establish initial partnerships with gaming developers.
  • Milestone Achieved: Listed on Pancake Swap

Phase 02

Listing on CEX and Staking Program Completion

  • List TXG token on centralized exchanges (CEX) for increased liquidity and accessibility.
  • Successfully complete the Staking Program, rewarding participants for their engagement and support.
  • Explore integration of staking rewards and TXG token use into gaming experiences.
  • Milestone Achieved: Listed on Coinstore and KoinBx

Phase 03


  • Begin building the TrustxGaming platform infrastructure.
  • Develop the security for TXG token functionality.
  • Initiate website and app redesign and development.
  • Launch marketing campaigns to create awareness about the upcoming platform.

Phase 04

MVP Launch and Community Building

  • Release the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of the TrustxGaming platform.
  • Introduce the first set of games with TXG token integration.
  • Implement basic user engagement features like leaderboards.
  • Foster community growth through social media and gaming forums.

Phase 05

Initial Game

  • Gather user feedback from MVP launch and use it to enhance the platform.
  • Add new games to the platform, diversifying the gaming offerings.
  • Launch referral programs to incentivize user growth.
  • Continue community engagement efforts through interactive events.

Phase 06

Enhanced User

  • Roll out major platform updates based on user feedback and data analysis.
  • Implement advanced gaming features like tournaments and live events.
  • Further develop the metaverse concept, allowing players to socialize and interact in a virtual space.
  • Expand the team to accommodate growth and development needs.

Phase 07

Global Expansion and Partnerships

  • Plan and execute a global marketing campaign to attract international users.
  • Establish partnerships with well-known game studios for exclusive game releases.
  • Explore collaborations with other blockchain projects to enhance ecosystem utility.
  • Extend customer support and platform documentation for international users.

Phase 08


  • Evaluate and integrate emerging technologies like blockchain scalability solutions.
  • Introduce advanced security measures to protect user data and assets.
  • Begin research and development for potential blockchain interoperability.

Phase 09


  • Launch partnerships with other crypto projects to create cross-platform experiences.
  • Develop and release new games that leverage the latest gaming trends.
  • Expand the NFT marketplace with additional collections and exclusive collaborations.

Phase 10

Mainstream Integration and Beyond

  • Pursue partnerships with mainstream gaming companies for increased adoption.
  • Continue building a vibrant metaverse within the platform.
  • Explore avenues for integrating TXG token use outside the TrustxGaming ecosystem.

Phase 11

Reflection and Future Plans

  • Evaluate the project's achievements, challenges, and lessons learned.
  • Engage the community in discussions about the platform's future direction.
  • Plan for the long-term sustainability and growth of TrustxGaming.

Your questions answered!

TrustxGaming is an online gaming platform that allows users to play popular games like ludo, poker, rummy, and more, and earn crypto tokens in the form of TXG for their skills and achievements.

TrustxGaming operates on blockchain technology, which ensures that games are secure, transparent, and fair. Users can purchase TXG tokens using other cryptocurrencies or fiat, and use them to buy game coins to play games. As they win games, they can earn more TXG tokens, which can be traded or used for in-game purchases.

TXG tokens are the native crypto tokens of TrustxGaming. They serve as the in-game currency, which can be used to purchase game coins, in-game items, upgrades, and exclusive rewards. Users can also trade TXG tokens on external exchanges.

Users can earn TXG tokens by winning games on TrustxGaming. The more games you win, the more TXG tokens you can earn. Users can also participate in special events, tournaments, and promotions to earn additional TXG tokens.

Yes, users can trade TXG tokens on external exchanges for other cryptocurrencies or fiat, subject to the exchange's terms and conditions.

Yes, TrustxGaming takes the security and integrity of its platform seriously. The use of blockchain technology ensures that games are secure and transparent. However, users are advised to take necessary precautions, such as securing their account credentials and following best security practices.
Launching Soon In 2024

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